The acceptance of parts/services from Underground Performance indicates that you, The Buyer, have read and understand this agreement and accept all terms and conditions contained herein regarding the use of our performance products and/or services.

General Disclaimer - Software Tuning

This is a high performance product designed for off-road and closed course competition use only. The buyer, understands that the software being purchased will increase power above and beyond factory parameters. Use of any Underground Performance product or service on public roads, or on any emissions controlled vehicles outside of local laws is strictly prohibited.

Performance Warranty

The buyer, understands and agrees that individual results may vary and that Underground Performance makes no warranties as to expected performance improvements. The Buyer, has been informed that all customers should perform any necessary maintenance and ensure all systems are fully functional prior to tuning. The buyer understands that performance tuning can uncover pre-existing faults that may not be obvious or recognisable prior to tuning. Items that should be considered for replacement/inspection prior to performance tuning include, but are not limited to:

- Sparkplugs: One heat range colder, gapped to spec.

- Coilpacks/plug wires/boots: Checked for proper operation and damage

- Fuel filter: Replaced

- Air filter: Replaced

- Diverter valve: Upgraded as required

These services are available for an additional charge(s). If you are unsure, please ask for further detail. Underground Performance may, at its discretion, deny service to any vehicle determined to be in an insufficient state of repair without consequence. Underground Performance shall not be held responsible, nor liable, for any and all damages occurring as a result of the use of this product or service. The buyer also understands that this product may void any existing vehicle manufacturer warranties.

This product or service may interfere with diagnostic testing and should be removed from the vehicle before any being diagnostic testing is carried out. Dealership updates may overwrite this performance software. Contact Underground Performance prior to allowing any dealer software updates.


Underground Performance, its distributors and dealers will in no way be responsible for improper product use. The buyer of this product/service hereby waives all liability claims. Underground Performance expressly denies any liability for personal injury or damages. The buyer acknowledges and agrees to absolve Underground Performance of any and all liability resulting from the use of this product and to hold the seller harmless in any claim related to products or services purchased. Under no circumstances will the seller be liable for any damages or expenses as a result of use or sales of this product except as expressly required under Australian Consumer Law.


By installing this product and/or service, the buyer understands and agrees that Underground Performance has sole discretion in any refunds or returns. A re-licensing fee may be charged for alterations/repairs if the vehicle owner is not the original purchaser. All software/products carry a unique tamper-proof seal and, damage or alteration of said device will void any and all warranties. The buyer is hereby responsible for all additional shipping & handling charges and/or processing fees.

There is a 6 month grace period from the time of purchase if the car is not completed in this time frame the software license will be invalidated. This is for the customers who change hardware, suffer hardware problems and who are slow to respond.

Please note: If service is carried out by another party, there may be a service charge independent of the cost of this product. Please ask your installer prior to purchase.

Last updated: 28/05/2019