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Turbo Technics V5 large Frame Turbo

Every now and again, a game changer alters the way we perceive what is possible. The amazing Turbo Technics V5 large frame, MQB 2.0t specific turbocharger has done just that.


16/01/19 - Post 1 of 3: The Introduction

A highly efficient design, incredibly early spool and top end power potential, all in one package.

A few guiding numbers from Europe:

- 500+hp (300awkw+) at 2.0 bar, stock motor & DSG
- 600+hp (385awkw+) at 2.4 bar, built motor & DSG clutches
- 0-100 in low 3 seconds or less
- 1/4 mile in 10 seconds

Made famous by 'Arthur' and his viral 600hp Golf R on the LivingLifeFast YouTube channel in the UK & series that followed. Take a look here:


Leading on from our success in the hybrid space with Snailturbo we wanted to extend broader options for MQB. We've been pretty quiet online for the last few months working hard after UGP Melbourne and PacorTech Sydney received the first two V5 units in Australia. Dedicated research, development and testing has been conducted to deliver the knowledge, parts and software needed for the V5 on your MQB Golf R / GTI / S3 / Octavia RS.

The unit fits in the stock location, uses standard fit lines (aside from oil feed), actuator, diverter valve as well as downpipe and intake options. True plug & play.

A specialist understanding of the turbo and it's behaviour is needed to craft the right software for the unit to perform and drive in a well-mannered way.

Pre-orders for the V5 start in the next few days only from UGP, so get in touch.

Keep an eye on us for part 2 and 3 of this exciting story right here, with Underground Performance - Drivability First. 👍


21/01/19 - Post 2 of 3 - Development for THE mqB

The UGP aim for this programme it to focus on a specific, productionised Stage 3 turbo and tune package for MQB S / GTI / R / VRS models.

Months of dyno and road software development with different vehicles mean we can now offer:

- Excellent response and general drivability
- Safe, reliable and repeatable
- Best-in-class Stage 3 / 4 performance for MQB
- Minimise number of components required
- Represent great value : performance ratio


Keeping the solution at 2.0bar (29psi) for the stock EA888 gen3 block is important for longevity, especially when the V5 turbo has a broad range and will naturally ramp hard, gunning for 35psi+ (reserved for built motors). Careful implimentation of the actuator control model, load scaling and air mass table manipulation got this under control, carving a 'near tabletop' log result. The V5 spools to full boost around 3600 rpm on AWD. We used a 4 bar map sensor during development, but the stock 3 bar sensor can work at this level.


More boost of course equals more fuel demand, but for simplicity we didn't want more than a high pressure pump added for the stock motor on 98 octane. Stable boost helps here and enabling port injection to pre-prime through the rev range ensures AFR doesn't lean out. Lots of scope left here for higher boost applications with a low pressure pump upgrade.


Aside from regapping the stock plugs, nothing was changed here hardware wise. Over 60 ignition tables were dynamically and progressively advanced over stock, factory knock detection left in place and even with warm ambeint temperatures, very little correction is apparent, so therefore extremely safe. This leaves lots on the table for further advance with higher octane via race fuel or water meth. Switchable ignition mapping was also implemented through drive modes in suitable conditions like ethanol blending, meaning Race is really Race!


Throttle mapping, cam phasing / timing, torque limitation management (not just disabled). These all equate to amazing low speed and part throttle drivability to go with great wide open throttle performance. A true daily for the track.

What to expect from the UGP V5 Stage 3 - 2.0 bar package (R / S3 DSG models) :

- 300awkw / 500nm+ for the stock motor @ 2.0bar
- 0-100 in low to flat 3 seconds
- 10 second 1/4 mile
- 100-200kmh in 7 seconds or less

Basic hardware modifications:

- Turbo Technics V5 turbo
- Upgraded air intake
- High flow downpipe
- Uprated intercooler
- Autotech hpfp

We are very excited to share our next and final post on the V5 'Results' - coming soon.

Pre-orders are now being taken for the V5 with a few slots on the first shipment remaining.

Underground Performance - Drivability First 👍


Post 3 of 3 - TBC

Watch this space!